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Clan history
I will begin from the very beginning. And so, the clan history begins with a clan - UZB - (Uzbekistan). Clan Uzbekistan has been based [- UZB-] Shaman’ом on February, 16th, 2006. In many respects in clan creation I promoted its brother [- UZB-] MOzGaYoB (SheyxBola) now at my nicname SheyX. I have asked the brother to learn to play Cossacks on the Internet, that is in it-lajn game. And then has started to win marquises and kings game behind game being noob before their eyes. And legendary fight of two brothers against all the others playrs on GS has begun. After the first week of the spent fights on a server about a clan [- UZB-] have learnt everything, well if not all that many. Time does not suffer and my friend has joined us in real OsCaR, ShamoL the friend of the brother it (AziyA, SherDiL) and Spartak too the friend of the brother and the life of fights of a clan has begun. All was good and even super. We with Oskar'om played Aop on millions and almost in all games won good players. Every day learnt something new in game. In a clan join our fellow countryman under anybody artdax (Andronik) it was in a clan Israel under anybody [- ISRAEL-] BEST. The clan was visited also by players ALEX_X ([- ROYAL-] ^ LiON ^) and ILIYA.ILIYA has been excluded from a clan, for the reason: it has been noticed under another logo clana. ALEX_X was missing and till now its destiny is clear to me. In September in a clan there was player SHaYTaN.В the end of 2006 in a clan (Vasily) now it at us under anybody DeStRoYeR replenishes with the remarkable person and player ReSpEcT. At this time there was a clan launch. On March, 24th, 2007. This fine day we as always played Cossacks, it is we TH, ShaYTaN, SherDiL and OsCaR, were cut in Cossacks on a grid 2 on 2 until late at night. And then someone from us (any more I do not remember who exactly) looked through logos of clans and has told to me: give we will choose Logo for a clan?! Ah yes it was SherDiL, I have recollected?. I have agreed, and we have started all to look through four together picture. There were many offers, but I have chosen logo under name DMoR.В It was pleasant to all also we have decided to stop over it. Now it was necessary to pick up the name under it. To me as that itself has knocked on a head name Dark-MonsteRs (Dark Monsters). And since this day we have renamed – UZB - on DMoR. On April, 02nd, 2007 in a clan (Timur) is accepted SHAX was in a clan – SVR-. On April, 19th, 2007 in a clan the good person and the excellent player is accepted ^2PaC ^ (Dtmitrios). Consisted in clan DOGMA and ExPeRT. On April, 25th, 2007 in a clan is accepted my old familiar DVS-69 (Dmitry). On May, 9th, 2007 the Holiday a Victory Day!!! Ura!!! Ura!!! Ura!!!? In this holiday, our structure the cousin 2PaC’a in a clan has replenished on June, 08th, 2007 with player ALONE (Georges) the super player and the good person enters RiKooO (Igor). On June, 14th, 2007 the clan is entered Tu17 (Igor) by the good player. Consisted in many clans. On June, 15th, 2007 in a clan excellent player HiP-HoPeR (Maris) is accepted. Was in clans AZERI and – NB1-. I think that it is everything that has occurred though and short but I hope that clearly if that has passed. Development of its falling and launches you can observe the further Destiny of a clan on servers of Game Cossacks and in our forum!!!! Continuation follows ….